Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fright Night 2: New Blood TRAILER!

So here it is.  I've been covering this film since the project was announced last October and now we have our first trailer.

The straight to DVD movie which has a tentative release date of October 1st in the United States has been subject to a lot of speculation as all reports of the plot left a major grey area as far as what the premise could be.  Was it a direct remake of the 1988 sequal starring Julie Carmen?  Was it a straight to DVD reboot of the franchise or was it a retelling of the original story with a twist?  Well by what this trailer gives us the answer to all those questions is YES. 

So seemingly we are pretending Collin Farrell never happened (which for many of us isn't hard to do).  Gerri Dandridge is now a MILFY college professor who is a lesbian version of the killer playboy Chris Sarandon played in 1985 and like Carmen is going to use her sex appeal to pretty much get what she wants (and from reports that answer is still Charlies girlfriend "Amy"). If this is true then we can pretty much assume that Sacha Parkinson (Amy) will be dawning the fangs for a brief moment in this film as well (as this trailer hints that the film follows the layout of the 1985 film pretty accurately with Charlie, Ed and Amy running for their lives together the majority of it). 

So this brings the question.  Does this trailer give you enough that you're willing to give this franchise one more shot?

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  1. It sounds very promising, but the bar was set so low in the Fright Night remake, this can only be an improvement.

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