Thursday, November 17, 2022

Vampiress TV Review: Glory Days

Lost Girls
Season 1
Episode 5

Glory Days was a short lived night time supernatural drama that aired on the WB Network in late 2002/early 2003.  The premise is basically a cop and a writer living in a small town where weird things happen every week resulting in cases they have to solve. 

In this episode three vampire women show up in the town of glory around the same time a womans body is found drained of all her blood. 

The first of the vampires we meet is Rosalyn who seems to have a thing for Sherriff Rudy as she shows up wherever he does determined to get him to be with her. 

Then you have Jade who is the ring leader of the group who does most of the talking.  Her eyes are specifically on young Zane.  She is played by the legendary Canadian vampire actress Meghan Ory (Supernatural, Vampire High, Sanctuary)

And finally, you have Sharla who is just a background character who says nothing but makes really good fang out faces in the scenes where the other two do.

We eventually find out they are not vampires but college girls doing a sociology experiment where they see how people react to being attacked by a vampire and have nothing to do with the murder in the town.  

It's lazy writing as clearly they just needed an excuse to have hot vampire women on a show on the WB without outright biting off of Buffy or Angel and this was the best they could do.  Thankfully the network would do a bit better over the years for the vampire genre after the WB/UPN merger into the CW in 2006.  Outside the horrible reveal this was a decent episode. 

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