Friday, December 2, 2022

Vampiress TV Review: Silk Stalkings

"I Love the Nightlife"

Season 6

Episode: 20

Silk Stalkings was a night time crime drama which aired on the USA Network in the 90's.  The selling point of the series was that the crimes on each episode usually happened just before or after a half naked woman was going to have sex with someone. 

In this episode a guy who thought he was a vampire would go to a goth bar and pick of random women.  He would drug them then take him back to his place and during sex two women would show up and they would kill the woman and drain them of blood.  The guy and one of the girls named Lilith sported fangs when they did their kills. 

As the episode went on it became clear that the non fanged one Tara was Liliths side piece.  She never actually sported fangs and it was her that lead to the trio's eventually capture. 
The episode ends with Lilith turning on the male vampire and giving the detectives a crossbow loaded with a wooden stake which finally took him down after guns didn't work.  They then find he was wearing fake fangs and a bullet proof vest.  They then capture Lilith and take her to jail but the last thing we see is that she bit and drained her cell mate. 

Before heading back to the goth club fanging out one last time before the credits roll implying that she was the real vampire the whole time.
It was an ok episode only bogged down by the secondary storyline of the female detectives love life where she's in a complicated relationship with a guy going through a divorce from a woman who is mentally unstable. 

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