Friday, January 29, 2021

Vampiress Review: "Blood Thirsty"


The Gist: A couple that includes a woman who has an eccentric lifestyle of drinking blood takes in a down on her luck musician who becomes her next blood donor. Unfortunately when she tries to quit the practice her new donor won't take it well.

Female Vampire Factor:  The main vampire of the film is Whitney played by Monique Parent

As explained above she's just a woman with a weird fetish and not a supernatural vampire even though in most scenes she has this weird light that appears over her eyes and she acts kind of creepy. 

The girl she takes in Celia (Leslie Danon) is iffy at first about their new arrangement but agrees since she needs a place to stay.  Eventually she gets addicted to the process of Whitney drinking her blood as she gets a rush from being cut so when Whitney decides one day that she wants to clean herself of the habit, that news on top of getting bad news about her music career leads to Celia losing her mind.  

She then decides to eliminate Whitneys boyfriend who she was always jealous of throughout the film for taking all of Whitneys attention away from her and after stabbing him decides to drink his blood just out of curiousity.  She then realizes that she enjoys it. 

Whitney after walking in on the scene is initially creeped out by this but Celia convinces her that with him out of the way she doesn't need to change who she is and they can drink blood together.

 The movie ends with the narrator of the film explaining that Whitney and Celia are now a couple and she is their new roommate replacing Whitneys boyfriend Jim.  She then reveals herself to be famous 90's B movie vampire actress Julie Strain. 


Final Opinion: The initial emotion I had as I was watching this was disappointment since the cover hints at it being a vampire film but instead the film fell more into a "Fatal Attraction" style suspense.  As the film went on I started to get past that and the last act of the film almost made up for that disappointment as Celia in her loss of sanity did seem to develop blood lust and was the most vampiric thing in the film. 

I'll give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  Not just for Celia but it gets extra credit for the final scene easter egg that calls back to the actual vampire film Morgana (aka Blonde Heaven) where Julie Strain and Monique Parent play actual vampires which came out 4 years before this.  On a side note if you want to check out a film where Monique Parent is the main vampire she also dons the fangs 9 years after this in the movie Blood Scarab


  1. Good to see Julie Strain is still active.

  2. Ironically CM3 she is technically un-dead. The reports of her death by her film company were apparently false and some type of screw up of info.

  3. that was Jan 2020 she died and was confirmed in Jan 2021