Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Vampiress Review: "Vamp Bikers Dos"


The Gist: A coven of witches go on the hunt to kill vampires as revenge when a vampire bites and turns one of their own.

Female Vampire Factor: There are many shown sporadically throughout the film. Many of which come from rehashed scenes from the first film. As far as new material there is an older blonde who targets the police captain

 The witch who was originally turned by the lead vampire. 

A girl who is turned while having sex with the lead vampire who goes on to bite her roommate.

 and quite a few various rando vamps who become stake fodder during scenes where the vampires are being hunted down by the witches. 


Final Opinion:  Well this film is slightly better than it's predecessor but that's not saying much.  Unlike that one which barely gives you a story this one kind of tries but only after about an hour in.  Basically it's about one of the vampires from the previous film and what happened to his daughter who disappeared after he turned (Spoiler she's now one of the witches).   That moment of plot clarity is short lived though as after some slight plot it goes completely off the rails again.  Basically most of the film is just a collection of random scenes of stuff just happening. It's mostly scenes of witches talking in riddles and then scenes of the same cops from the original cussing at each other.  Your ability to know which of this stuff is actually related to the plot is based on if you can piece together how the scenes relate to each other through figuring out what the characters are talking about.  This is made more difficulat as the important stuff is never actually seen on camera and mostly just referenced in a vague way by the characters during conversations.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  In this case the witches are way hotter than the vampire women (the main one in particular)

 but the film is still pretty much unwatchable. 

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  1. Most interesting thing about the movie seems to be the casting of real life just out-of-prison murderers in the cast like Lilo Brancato and Michael Alig who must have died from a heroin overdose not long after they shot that mess of footage.