Saturday, September 8, 2018

Vampiress Review: "Die Hard Dracula"

The Gist: A young man in mourning after the death of his girlfriend heads to Europe to clear his mind just to be faced with a woman who looks exactly like her after a car accident in a village tormented by a vampire.

Clarification: A modern Dracula film that comes off more low budget comedy than horror (At least that seems to be by design).  You've got a guy in a town confused about the towns peoples constant talk of killing vampires and your vampire is in a micromanaged relationship with his bride who is jealous of the village girls he's biting. 

Selling Point: The love story between Steven (the young man in mourning) and Carla (the Romanian village girl who looks like his late girlfriend) are easily the best part of the film. Everything else is kind of cheesy (well cheesier as the entire movie is pretty cheesy).

Female Vampire Factor: This film follows the basic Dracula film premise as far as female vampires go (IE the rule of three).   In this case you do see Dracula turn the women as they are peasant girls from the village.  You have a cute blonde he attacks near a creek who gets most of the decent on screen fang time once she turns.
Dracula's original wife who we see him create in the films beginning of the film in a flashback sequence.   Throughout the film he needs to convince her that turning the village girls is a part of his plan as she notices the trend of every girl he turns being an attractive and young.
and then in the payoff there is Carla.
Once all are turned as mentioned above they take the role of Dracula's brides doing everything together in a ritualistic manor.
As far as use of female vampires go I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  The film itself is ridiculously cheesy and low budget (we're talking obvious cardboard backgrounds and swinging people on wires here) but none the less beautiful women with fangs are abundant.

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