Saturday, September 15, 2018

Vampiress Review: "Neighbours: They are Vampires"

The Gist: A young horror fan believes the couple next door are vampires and seeks the help of a famous vampire expert when no one else believes her.

Clarification:  If it sounds like the movie Fright Night it's because it pretty much is.  Main difference being the Charlie Brewster character is an attractive woman and instead of just one vampire its a couple. 

The non horror portions of the film comes off like something you'd see on Nickelodeon during Halloween so somewhat over the top goofy, also since it's Bollywood the film also includes musical numbers.

Selling Point: The original Fright Night is one of the greatest vampire films of the last 40 years so can't complain too much about a film that draws its influence from it.  Especially one that doesn't stray from it's core plot.

Female Vampire Factor:  So the film starts with a musical number where a female seduces a guy.  Eventually the guy sees a mark on her and realizes she's a vampire.  He then uses a talisman to destroy her.  That's right, the hottest vampire is killed in the first ten minutes. 
It's ok though because the male vampire resurrects her Karnstein trilogy style into the body of a woman named Tanya who he finds on the side of the road after getting a flat (Roushika Reikhi)
From that point on Tanya takes on somewhat of a sexy seductress role like Regine Dandridge from Fright Night 2.
Since we're following the Fright Night plot an allie must also get turned.  In this case it's the character "Sweety" (Kirti Vaidya).
Basically this is this films version of the "Evil Ed" scene from the original Fright Night.
She doesn't get destroyed in this scene and just kind of disappears never to be seen again.

The best use of fangs is definitely in the movies opening scene.  After that the horror elements are few and far between so I'm giving it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  Had the film concentrated more on the horror and less on the "no one believes the girl so lets laugh at her" scenes this would have been a much better film but it's definitely good enough for a viewing (if you can find a translated version).


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