Saturday, March 17, 2018

Vampiress Review: "Vampires of Sorority Row"

The Gist:  A girl decides to go to college and join a sorority to get out of the trailer park she grew up in that was overrun by vampires.

Clarification: Pretty straight forward.  Trailer park girl who survives a vampire attack goes to college and joins a sorority but one by one the members of the sorority are bitten and turned by a female vampire and it's up to a perverted guy that snuck in one day to find a date who falls for her to save her. 

This is 90's indy movie gold.  While it looks like it would be a softcore porn there is no nudity and it's basically your standard "USA Up All Night" T&A filled cheese fest type film that dominated late night weekend television back when exploitation of women for views and using stereotypes for comedic purposes was still an accepted practice on TV (thank goodness for Amazon and Youtube who still allows that to exist).

Selling Point: While the film does have it's flaws (mainly due to bad lighting and older camcorder technology making much of it overly dark and some overly loud and many times annoying sound effects) it does very much fall into the category of "so awful it's entertaining" most of the time.   

Female Vampire Factor:  Most of the girls in the sorority by movies end do become vampires.
The original vampire who starts the spree is Lori (below)
She first bites "Miffy" who is the airhead of the group and provides most of the films comic relief
Then she bites Dee who is one of the girls already in the sorority.
 Dee eventually turns the tables on Lori deciding she doesn't want to be the slave and would rather be the leader.  This leads to an argument between Lori and Dee that results in not only Dee winning and becoming the leader but forcing Lori to give up her clothes so Dee can have them.
By this point Lori and Miffy take the role of the comic relief henchwomen who do Dee's bidding.  Both come off as airheads and are easily confused.  Giving Miffy a story problem to solve tends to be the easiest way to get past them if she wants to bite you (yes that is a thing that happens in the movie).
The movie has an open ending as none of the members of the vampire sorority are actually killed which does lead to a sequel.

This is definitely a film for people who like bad cheesy films.    It's filled with girls in short skirts getting spanked, fart and poop jokes, drunken rants and other immature things but not enough to be annoying if you're ok with that sort of thing in a movie at all (in other words the terrible yet entertaining parts don't seem forced which is usually the thing that make terrible films unwatchable).  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  It's basically if the film Vamp U was trying out to be a phone sex ad. 
Vampires of Sorority Row (1999) from David Sterling on Vimeo.


  1. Anyone know where you can see the sequel?

  2. As far as I know they never made a sequel which is a shame..
    One other thing I am pretty sure the girl in the pink velvet dress shown in the images, was in another cheesy vampire movie Vampire Knights

    Was about some dude and his two friends inviting three women, all who are vampires over to their place.. His friends buy the farm he kills two of the vampires and marries the third vampire.. The ending was a corny as all heck but it was a good movie..

  3. Replies
    1. Ahh so there was after doing a search did find the second one and do recognize the cover image.. Now to find it at a decent price, as Vimeo does not seem to have it..