Saturday, March 24, 2018

Vampiress Review: "Blood (1973)"

The Gist: A doctor who is a werewolf that is married to the daughter of Count Dracula moves to a small village in order to continue his research to possibly cure her of her vampirism.

Clarification:  This is your basic old school vampire film.  Foreigners move into a village to do weird things, villagers get wind that those things are supernatural, get the knives and pitch forks, game over. 

Selling Point: Very short run time.

Female Vampire Factor: As mentioned Dr. Orlovsky aka the werewolf is married to the daughter of Count Dracula, Regina (Hope Stansberry)
To put it mildly Regina is a bitch.  She is very rude to everyone she meets and is not above murdering anyone who inconveniences her.
She is also the most jealous wife you will ever come across having it out for any woman who talks to him.  She's somewhat justified though considering he does end up hitting on a young village girl that she puts a stop to with a little fang action
I give the film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  While it's no secret that Regina is a vampire they build up to her actually doing anything vampiric.  The people she kills in the films beginning she does without feeding on them which I found kind of strange.  In fact nothing really supernatural happens till bnar the final act of the film and then it just goes haywire.  I will give them credit for actually making those cheap plastic vampire fangs actually look halfway decent with angles and lighting.  Some independent film makers can learn quite a bit in that area from Director Andy Milligan.

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