Friday, March 10, 2017

Vampiress Review: "Temptation"

The Gist: A woman struggles to figure out what's happening to her when a vampire turns her after saving her from a serial rapist.

Clarification: This film has a very softcore porn like vibe to it though it is far from that since at first glance it does give the feel of  "Embrace the Darkness" which has a similar story of turned fledgling vampire trying to understand what's going on to her.  In this case the vampire doing the turning is a hot female who is basically a really troubled superhero who has spent centuries turning women she's horny for when they get attacked by men.

Selling Point: All the parts of the film that deal with the vampires are great.   Unfortunately they're broken up by a side plot about the girl Isabel and her ex boyfriend which stops the movie dead at certain points.

Female Vampire Factor: The main vampire of the film is Aurielle played by Rachel Waters
As you can probably gather from the clarification her character is a full blown lesbian.  She is a French woman who was turned centuries ago by her lesbian lover who was eventually killed by vampire hunters.  From that point on she would go around doing the same for other women eventually housing a harem of female vampires who perform at a cabaret club she owns.

Then you have the main protagonist of the film Isabel played by Caroline Haines
Despite the fact that she gets bitten in the very beginning of the film it does take 60 percent of the film before she finally vamps out.  Otherwise the vampire transformation just makes her irritable and really horny when she gets hungry but she will always stop short of fanging out.  She doesn't fully embrace it till the films end which is a great way to end the film at least in my opinion.
I give the film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.  There are other vampires in the film that don't get much screen time but you won't get a shortage here.  Outside of the seemingly thrown in conflict between Isabel and her ex boyfriend this is a great vampire film if females with fangs are your thing.

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  1. that's actually not the protagonist fanging out/feeding at the end- that's her sister. What's going on in that scene is a reveal that the sister was turned and is feeding on her boyfriend. So it's a good news/bad news kind of thing