Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Vampiress Episode: "America's Next Top Model"
"America's Next Top Vampire"
Cycle 14
Episode 22

America's Next Top Model is a talent contest in which multiple women compete for a modeling contract by participating in different challenges that they are judged by.  The show has aired since 2003 and was created and executive produced by former supermodel Tyra Banks.  On top of the different challenges, the show also concentrates on the models lives outside the different activities and the ups and downs of having to live in a house together while competing with each other.  

In this episode the models saw themselves doing multiple challenges.  The first being participating in an improve class with the Upright Citizens Brigade, Then doing a CoverGirl ad which aired live in Time square but the namesake for this episode is the final challenge when they are asked to participate in a vampire themed photoshoot where they would be blind while doing it. 
This is definitely not my type of show and watching it I could only thing of Zoolander the entire time as they over analyzed everything about these poor young girls but I get that this is a reality television show and having to make it overdramatic for ratings purposes is a must.  Anyway your best photos are below.

Best Photo - Alasia

First runner up - Raina

Eliminated - Simone

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