Sunday, March 19, 2017

Vampiress Review: "Blood Cure"

The Gist: A fledgling vampire named Rowena tells her life story to a non believing therapist.

Clarification: Also known as "Nightcomer" It's less of a vampire story and more of a "Here's the story of a girl who has to con her way though life who also happens to be a vampire" story.   Everything she does throughout the film is for the purpose of making enough money to get to Mexico in order to meet a woman who she believes could cure her.

Selling Point:  Very intriguing story plus you get to see former child actress Mackenzie Rosman in very sexy clothing for most of it.

Female Vampire Factor: As mentioned above the film stars former 7th Heaven child star Mackenzie Rosman as Rowena.
Vampire moments in this film are very few and far between.  Rowena is a good girl who does what she has to do to survive so there isn't any blood lusting or predatory behavior on her part.  The only time she feeds in the film is the couple of times she runs into some bad people on the streets of Los Angeles so this film has a bit of a  "reluctant superhero" vibe going on similar to what you would see in drama based marvel entities like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Also just like a Marvel film it does have a post credit scene.  Don't expect fangs in the film though.  They didn't shell out for that.
My only real complaint about the film outside of the lack of fangs is the ending is non existent.  All that buildup about going to Mexico and it never gets resolved.  The film just ends after she raises enough money (not to mention the fact that she learns all the hard work she put in during the movie was pointless and there was a much easier way the whole time).  Other than that I really liked it. I give a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.  If it had fangs it would definitely get a 5.

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