Sunday, February 19, 2017

Vampiress Review: "Vampiros"

The Gist: After being turned into a vampire by a woman after a one night stand a man seeks out the vampire who turned him.

Clarification: So this is one of those "guy down on his luck thanks to a broken relationship finally gets out of the house just for the first woman to give him the time of day to be a vampire who turns him" film.  After that the bulk of it is the guy (Jonathon) recruiting his friends and trying to find the woman who bit him for revenge.  Along the way he meets a gothic vampire named Christian who takes him under his wing resulting in finding out that both he and Gloria (the vampire that turned him) are pawns in a game of one upsmanship between two more powerful vampires. 

Selling Point: It's a more action filled horror soap opera similar to an Anne Rice flick.

Female Vampire Factor: The main vampire who starts the ball rolling is Gloria (Wanda Rovira)
You eventually found she bit the guy (Jonathon) because she was in love with him and lonely and the movie especially towards the end takes a very soap opera like turn.  This is also the only point where you really see her especially during the end cat fight.
You have a few others.  A blonde in particular who gets quite a bit of screen time but is never actually named in the film.
She is credited as "Vanesa" and played by Brenda Robles.  The only thing we learn about her in the film is she is the main antagonists woman and her and Gloria don't get along leading to the above mentioned cat fight.

As per usual with this type of film you do get plenty of background vampires as well but the above two are the only ones where you won't miss them if you blink.   It's a decent film even if it is riddled with cliches out of an Ann Rice book.  Warning, it is a Spanish language film so you either need to know Spanish or get a copy with subtitles if you do take a look.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.

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