Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Vampiress Episode: "Women: Stories of Passion"
"The Little Vampire"
Season 2
Episode 7

Women: Stories of Passion was a weekly erotic television series produced by Playboy entertainment which aired on the Showtime Network from 1996 to 1999.  The premise of the show was an author interviewing women about their romantic escapades with men basically just making it a live action romance novel. Every week it would be a different woman with a different story to tell where she has lots of passionate sex. 

In this episode from the shows second season which aired in 1997 we meet a woman named Angelica (Shannah Laumeister)
Once upon a time she got with some guy while she was drunk who loured her outside and bit her turning her into a vampire.  She then spent the bulk of her life in an abandoned mansion by herself eating mice.  
One day she lours a guy into the mansion where they eventually have sex.  She bites him but doesn't drain him. They fall for each other so this happens repeatedly.  
As they start to get close the vampire who turned her returns to take her back and threatens her new beau.  He wants her to stop eating mice and learn to kill humans including her new man. 
This results in her learning to stand up for herself and eventually sacrificing herself for her new man which apparently broke the vampire curse and they live happily ever after.  
You're not going to get much out of this episode other than R rated sex scenes and there are no fangs.  If you're into fairy tales this series is a good watch.  Otherwise not the top of the line in the softcore porn genre. 

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