Monday, November 21, 2016

Vampiress Review: "Bloody Reunion 2 - Madaline"

The Gist: A girl meets her extended family for the first time just to find out they had her young cousin locked in the shed because she's a vampire.  Problem is this information only comes out after she escapes and starts feeding on the family.

Clarification: Despite the title this film has very little to do with the original film and only relates in that the stories are similar.  That isn't necessarily a bad thing as the story for this film is a lot better told than the original and despite a couple of production glitches that aren't edited out is a lot more entertaining.

As said above the film follows a woman named Bridgette who's flown in to a remote town where her late mother grew up.  Her mother told her nothing about her family and once she gets there she finds out why.  First finding out that one of her uncles is molester creepy (which everyone seems to be ok with) and second when people start dying one by one throughout the night.  Unfortunately they don't stay dead which gives us a pretty good low budget survival horror.

Selling Point: In spite of the fact that it is a low budget horror film it doesn't try too hard to make things happen like most including the original film in this series does.  Also the character Bridget not being a dumb damsel in distress makes the movie watchable as she spends much of it stating the obvious to her illogical family during the entire ordeal.

Female Vampire Factor:  The title character of the film is a young girl named Madeline (Cierra Angelik).  A vampire came to attack her mother one night but ended up going after and turning her instead.  Instead of destroying her her mother insisted on chaining her in a shed and feeding her animals.
After she escapes she pretty much gets the entire family with the exception of main protagonist Bridget.
Unfortunately the films main eye candy Jinx (Jessica Willis) gets killed almost immediately after she gets turned.  This after her taking the longest of all the victims to actually turn both in terms of bite to actual turn and in point in the film as it's near the very end.
But on a slight high(ish) note the entire moment seems ripped right out of a hammer horror Dracula scene as she's tied down and staked sacrifice style while she struggles to get out.
 I enjoyed this film much better than the first as it was much easier to follow.  The lighting is very poor so dark scenes are hard to see.  The only other bad spot would be the one sex scene being a blooper left in where the buildings caretaker is watching through a peepwhole (which is never revisited) and you can clear as day hear the director say "cut" and the crew laughing afterword.
With that being said I can recommend this one for viewing as it is watchable.  The eye candy is few and far between (it's all at the films end with Jinx and the victim from the films beginning in the first picture above finally appearing) but it is there.
  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.

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