Friday, September 30, 2016

Vampiress Review: "Where Evil Lives"

The Gist:  The caretaker of an abandoned home tells stories about the previous tenants to someone interested in buying it.

Clarification:  Pretty much a similar plot as "The House that Dripped Blood" you get three stories in this film.  The first deals with a guy getting out of prison after murding a bunch of party goers in the house and being haunted by them and the third being a cop using supernatural abilities to find a serial killer.  The reason it's being reviewed here is the second story.

Selling Point: Not bad by Troma standards.......but still Troma.

Female Vampire Factor:  This would be story number two.  A guy goes into an abandoned house after being stood up by his girlfriend because he hears a female voice calling his name.  It ends up being a woman in black lingerie (nothing suspicious about that right?)
Anyway she's ready to go and he's already horny from earlier in the day so he's easy prey resulting in her fanging out, biting him and turning him.
 The guys little sister and brother end up going to the place to rescue him but ends up being confronted by the woman and is attacked by the now vampiric version of him as well.  By stories end the woman is dead and the little sister now takes care of her vampiric brother. 
As I said the film is decent by Troma standards but that isn't very high.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.

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