Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Vampiress Review: "Lady of the Dark: Genesis of the Serpent Vampire"

The Gist: After being bitten by a snake a woman transforms into a blood sucking vampire.

Clarification:  I had to go to the IMDB plot summery for that.  This is a very artsy film full of camera tricks, screen filters and nothing plot wise is actually spelled out.  Basically a woman is doing a video diary the whole movie explaining what's going on with her which is followed by scenes of her doing stuff with no dialogue or explanation till her next days diary and even then it's not very clear what's happening.  Basically an over thought out music video or late 90's playboy strip tease video would be the best comparison I can make.

Selling Point:  Generally the "Doing stuff" portion is either in lingerie, sexy club wear or nothing at all.

Female Vampire Factor:  Your vampire in this film is played by British actress Melanie Denholme
So if you're going to watch a confusing film where the lead actress spends much of it in sexy clothes you can do much worse.  Not much else I can add to this that wasn't said above as the film really doesn't have much substance to it.  In the film she is either talking into a camera or in artistically edited scenes where she's doing things like taking a bath, walking around her home, getting dressed or undressed and by the movies end feeding on people she's seduced into her home (an assumption based on the clothing as very little of this film takes place outside of her home so you only see the feeding and nothing that leads to it).

Speaking of the feeding, she does have fangs but as seen on the box art they are the piranha style and not your traditional vampire fangs.
This is one point where the artsy style of the film does help as the weird vision and filters do make them sexier than they otherwise would be.
In the end I would say it's better than other British indy horror movies that are like this since they attempt a sexy horror movie without trying to over-saturate it with side plot like many of the others of this genre do.
 but considering how bad some of those were that's not saying much.  I give the film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5

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