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Vampiress Review: "From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series"

From Dusk Till Dawn is a television series that debuted on the El Rey Network and Netflix in 2014. If you've seen the original film then basically you can skip the first 6 or so episodes as all it basically does is take the original plot of the film and expand on it enough that it fills several 45 minute episodes.  In other words you get to find out how the Gecko brothers got back together and why the family they eventually kidnap for the purpose of getting them to Mexico was on their road trip in the first place (IE the stuff you probably didn't pay attention to anyway when you watched the film).

Once you get to episode 7 of the series is when you get to the point in the film where Santanico Pandemonium does her iconic dance and also where the series vears away from the film.

 While it keeps to the story for the most part little things have been changed for the sake of making it a series.  First Santanico's backstory is now much different which makes the movie From Dusk Till Dawn: Hangman's daughter not exist in this timeline (the backstory in that movie was MUCH better than the one given in this series BTW).  Next the Gecko brothers are basically the protagonists of the series so their fate in the original had to be changed to accommodate that.  Specifically the character Richie who was played by Quinton Tarantino in the original film gets a bit of a reprieve from his bizarre psychotic behavior as it gets explained that it wasn't him being himself (without giving too much away as it's a very good plot twist).   Finally Santanico's roll as a whole is much bigger in the series than it was in the film in a plot very reminiscent to shows like Blade: the Series and Kindred the Embraced. 
Santinico is played by Eiza Gonzalez

Unlike Selma Hayeks version of the character who was pretty much a dominatrix, this version is more of a damsel in distress type similar to what was explained in Hangman's daughter where she was forced into the position of Santanico but didn't want it. Unlike in Hangman's daughter where as soon as the curse takes over her personality changes to accept it (as does every vampire in the original films) the vamps here maintain all their human personality traits so curing herself of her vampirism is her ultimate goal.

As you can tell she's very hot and lives up to the role when she's in human form.  As far as vamping out they do stay true to the original film in that she takes the form of a snake, scales and all. Though unlike the film she does maintain her hair even in snake form.

 Also even though the vampires in this film do evolve from snakes when she's super angry she does grow a pair of bat wings.

This is disappointing in the sense that the final movie of the series Hangman's daughter (which was a prequal) got away from that and had all the vampires stay in human form with just snake like fangs.  I would say that was just to save money since the straight to DVD film had a much smaller budget than the big screen feature but other vampires in this series keep their human form when they fang out as well (same as the original film).  It's basically just luck of the draw in this show.  I mean it does happen with her but VERY sparingly and you have to look quick.
It's a good show and very entertaining.  The first season can seem a little redundant if you've seen the original movie and some scenes are pretty much ripped from the film so it's like you're watching the film told by someone with A.D.D who can't get to the point.  Once you get to the vampire part it starts getting original and a lot more interesting.  

Season 2 is where the series goes to an original story. Santinico and Richie go off on their own as vampires while Seth and Kate go off on their own just as they did in the films end so you're getting Santinico helping Richie go through his vampire transition and Kate trying to get Seth to basically make her a replacement Richie on his crime sprees.  Also during this time most of the vampire characters of the first season are found to have survived the titty twister slaughter and begin plotting their revenge.  

Demi Lovato is introduced toward the end of season 2 as a love interest vampire of evil vamp Carlos played by That 70's show alum Wilmer Valderrama.  
Unfortunately she doesn't make it long and is dead by the season 2 finale. 

On a promising note the season 2 finale ends with Kate (Madison Davenport) being resurrected as a vampire herself leaving something to look forward to for season 3. 


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