Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Vampiress Review: Daybreakers

The Gist: In a world run by vampires a scientist tries to solve a growing hunger crises as the number of humans dwindles rapidly.

Clarification:  Basically a plague has turned most humans into vampires (in the traditional sense IE bursts into flames at sunlight, fangs, sucks blood to live etc).  Unfortunately in vampire form the world population isn't very smart as everyone pretty much turns each other and the ones who aren't turned are just harvested till there is barely anything left.  What makes matters worse is they're now learning that once a vampire is blood deprived for a certain period of time they revert to a mutant bat like primal state.  Meanwhile a vampire scientist who despises drinking human blood and whose job is to work on a viable blood substitute (think True Blood) runs into a group of humans on the run and when he goes out of his way to save them they in turn recruit him to help create a cure for the vampire plague which has taken over the world that would turn everyone human again.

Selling Point: While it's not that scary of a horror movie it does fall into that genre and the idea of monsters fearing other monsters is pretty original.

Female Vampire Factor: Well since the entire world is vampires that pretty much means every female in the film excluding the main female characters.  Only a couple get any extensive screen time such as the young girl who commits suicide in the beginning of the film because shes tired of being a child but is stuck that way due to her vampirism (below).

Also there is a coffee shop waitress who gets repeated screen time since as the film progresses they include less and less blood in the drinks she serves and she has to deal with the angry customers played by Renai Caruso.

(SPOILER ALERT) As far as the main human characters go unfortunately only one gets the fang treatment and it's very short lived.  Isabel Lucas (aka sexy robot chick from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) plays Allie Bromley.  Allie is the estranged daughter of Senator Bromley who is at the head of the whole "hunt humans for food" movement which is a bit of an issue with his daughter know...human.  When the group she's with eventually gets captured Senator Bromley sends a soldier into her cell to turn her.
Isabel Lucas as Allie Bromley
She is so disgusted about being a vampire that she feeds on herself till she mutates resulting in her eventually having to be put down via bring driven into sunlight. 

So yeah, plenty of female vampires to go along in the film but can't conceivably give it any higher a Vampire Beauty Rating than 3 out of 5.  The film totally misses out on the opportunity to play on the blood thirst that the vamps SHOULD be dealing with by only showing those vampires after they've already mutated.

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