Friday, September 6, 2013

Vampiress Review: "Metamorphosis"

The Gist:  An aspiring writer on a journey to Europe to research The blood countess Elizabeth Bathory with his two friends meets an attractive yet mysterious woman who turns out to be the 500 year old daughter of the countess who is now a vampire.

Clarification:  Once you see this film you realize that the film was probably written with the ending first.  Without giving too much away it's very much "Sixth Sense" like with a major unexpected plot twist.  The unfortunate part of this is that if you eliminate the characters of Kim and J.J. aka the best friends of main character Keith, this would be an outstanding film but with every step forward the main plot takes, it takes 8 steps back with the horrid attempt at comic relief which was those characters.  

Selling Point:  The film messes with the viewer using tactics similar to many horror video games that at first look seem like filming errors before it's later explained were parts of the plot itself.  

Female Vampire Factor: The main reason to see the film is "Elizabeth" played by the super hot Irena A Hoffman (Transylmania).
 As mentioned above Elizabeth is the daughter of the Countess Elizabeth Bathory who was taken away from her mother once she was locked up for the murders of the virgins whose blood she bathed in.  Once she found out her mothers fate she cursed the church resulting in her being punished to roam the Earth eternally as a vampire.  The thing is, as this film progresses life as a vampire doesn't seem that bad as they don't have any of the negatives that they deal with in other movies, shows, books etc (she can manipulate time and space and function in the daylight).  Also with one exception (below) she has no problem being around people and feeds mostly off of animal blood.

Outside of Elizabeth the only other female vamp scene in the film comes after annoying character #2 aka "Kim" (Jennifer Higham) gets captured and turned by the evil vampire "Constantine Thorzo" (Christopher Lambert of Highlander and Mortal Kombat fame). The one time in this entire film you actually WANT to see her and she's killed almost immediately.

 So in the end we have one hot female vampire who lusts after a human for love (and sex) and a very intriguing story but on the other hand several extremely annoying side characters who take away all the good the main plot gives you.  Still, Elizabeth is super sexy so I give this film a Vampire Beauty rating of 4 out of 5

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