Friday, September 6, 2013

Vampiress Review: "Bloodz vs Wolvez"

The Gist: The leaders of a group of vampires and werewolves try to work out a truce while their underlings go out of their way to sabotage the peace. 

Clarification:  Don't let the cover art fool you, this is actually a movie about morality and class and race relations within the black community.  There's some action in the movies end but basically the majority of the film is two guys talking about each others lives while their crews down each other for who they are and tell them not to trust the other.

First you have the "Bloodz".  They are the vampires of the film.  They're the upper class business owning snobs of the bunch that don't think much of the werewolves and don't hide that fact.

Then you have the "Wolvez".  They are you uneducated ghetto stereotypes who are extremely primal (yes there's a scene where one of them walks in a circle before taking a dump on the floor like a dog).

Selling Point: Much like it's predecessor "Vampiyaz" the film has some serious undertones but there are some scenes that are just laugh out loud funny though I'm not exactly sure if designed that way (ex. despite the film being about man eating mythical creatures, white people are still the most evil characters in the film). 

Female Vampire Factor:  There's only 3 in the Bloodz. First you have Jezebel (LaMae) who only is seen sparingly in group scenes.

Then you have the other two who actually get screen time who are Jamila (Kandiss Marie, Left) and her secret lesbian lover Damphira (Jenicia Garcia, right)

As the story goes Jamila is married to the leader of the Bloodz, Asiman (Richard Carroll Jr.) but is a real snob and is 100% against Asiman's campaign to make peace with the wolvez.  On top of that she's having an affair with Damphira who is one of her bodyguards.  What's odd is they do this in full view of everyone but seemingly no one even acknowledges it till near the end of the film.

Jamila is the only one of the two who fangs out but she doesn't do anything vampiric.  As a matter of fact they only seem to come out when she's whining or nagging more than anything.

I assume Damhira would have had fangs if it weren't for the fact that Garcia had braces during the filming of this movie (great casting right?) which is sad because she's pretty hot and this is a MUCH steamier role then the one as a nagging paraplegic in Vampiyaz.
Jenicia Garcia
 Garcia is listed as the associate producer of the film so huge brownie points for producing a film where she's making out with a girl for 25% of it (Maybe that should have been the selling point).  Anyway that is the one thing that saves the movie from the total disappointment of it not being an action title as the title alludes to.  For that I give the film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.

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