Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Blood of the Virgins"

The Gist: A group of teens spend the night in an old lodge not realizing that it is haunted by vampires. 

Female Vampire Factor: The film begins telling us a story of a woman named Ofelia, sometime in the 19th century.  She is engaged to a guy named Eduardo but secretly seeing a guy named Gustavo.  Gustavo doesn't take too highly to Ofelia's relationship with Eduardo and on their wedding day proceeds to murder him, them reveals he's a vampires and kidnaps Ofelia and turns her. 

Fast forward to the 1960's a bunch of teenagers go and stay at a lodge.  As time goes a girl goes missing.  At the same time one of the guys gets a visit.  It's Ofelia.  Even though she's a vampire she doesn't want to do him any harm and in fact has a thing for him. 

It's without being said that Gustavo is the one going after the girl. A bunch of R- rated sex scenes later Ofelia decides she is tired of living as a vampire.  

 She goes to Gustavo's casket and stabs him in the heart with a knife before turning it on herself. 


Final Opinion: I'll get it out the way that this is definitely a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5 since Susana Beltran as Ofelia is smoking hot.  The movie itself is average at best but it very much stands out as a Jean Rollins style vampire T&A flick when the vampire stuff finally starts happening which is very much appreciated. All the vamp stuff is done by Gustavo though.  Ofelia's main purpose is to show cleavage and breasts.


  1. Does any of the other girls get turned

    1. No, they get fed on but the only effect is them going crazy