Sunday, October 18, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Blood Immortal"


The Gist: Three stories of female vampires trying to survive over generations.

Female Vampire Factor: The film is divided into three chapters.  

In Chapter 1: "The Founding (Origins)" we get the story of a woman and her daughter (Josephine and Fiona).  They are alone as Josephines husband died in war.  She herself is also deathly ill. 

One day a mysterious man comes by claiming to be from the government with an offer to buy their land.

 In reality he's a vampire who wants to take Josephine for his bride.  He eventually bites her and turns her. 

When she realizes what's become of her she and Fiona attack and eventually kill the stranger.  The Chapter ends with Fiona offering to feed Josephine her blood. 

In Chapter 2: "Isolation, Caution"

Now in modern times Fiona now a vampire herself is struggling to survive as the blood population is tainted.  With every female (as she's apparently a lesbian) she bites she gets sicker and sicker. 

 During this time she's also attending night classes that focus on economics.  Her professor is a lonely woman and they hit it off immediately striking up a friendship.

The Chapter ends with the depressed professor seeking Fiona out for comfort after being embarrassed attempting to ask a colleague out for a date. Fiona sick with blood lust seduces then feeds on her. 

In the third and final Chapter

Now in the future, civilization is in ruin and two vampires, Josephine and her daughter Eliza, are struggling to survive.  Eliza is deathly ill due to the poisoned blood supply of the humans. 

Josephine decides to bribe the worker at a blood bank with ancient coins in exchange for fresh blood to feed her daughter.  

The blood bank worker trades those coins to a group of shady people who decide they are going to find the source and rob them.  

The Chapter ends with the daughter Eliza dying from blood poisoning and the mother Jospehine murdering the attempted thieves.

Final Opinion: My only real complaint is just the fact that I'm not sure if these are continuous stories or not.  The girl in chapter 2 has the same name as the daughter in chapter 1 and the mother in chapters 1 and 3 are played by the same actress with the same name as well but different daughters.  Other than that not half bad.  Chapter 2 is definitely the highlight of the film.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.  Only thing keeping it from a straight 5 is Chapter 3 being more of a post apocalyptic survival film than a vampire horror.

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  1. I believe Fiona was the daughter of the vampire government land buyer guy, the woman's daughter stayed with her, she just looks a little different with "goth" make-up when she's a vampire years later.