Sunday, February 23, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Saving You, Saving Me"
The gist: A young girl finds out that she's not only a vampire but she's next in line to lead a group of vampires who recently lost their leader and are being hunted by another group of vampires looking for her.

Female Vampire Factor: In spite of the fact that technically 90% of the people in the movie are supposed to be vampires, none really do anything vampiric so are they really?
In fact the closest thing to it is the lead character Amber (played by the films writer and directer Tina Jetter) who spends a good portion of the film once she comes to terms with watch she is in what looks like a Halloween costume complete with red cape.
 The only thing close to female vampirism in the film is a scene where her and her new vampire boyfriend are attacked by members of the vampire group called "The Scandals".  Amber is briefly shown with fangs while strangling one of the attackers.  Otherwise red eyes is the most you get in the film.

Final Opinion: This gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 1 out of 5 due to the lack of any real vampirism. I'll go somewhat easy on the film since from what I understand it was written by the star when she was 17 and I'm not into burying young people just getting started, especially since this was no small production which in itself is worthy of praise so I'll just go for a little constructive criticism instead.

My biggest issue I'd have to say I have with this film is the continuity problems.  Mainly skipping over major plot details through dialogue even though showing these things would have made a more entertaining movie. Instead the film is full of Twilight-esque drama and romance that seems to be out of place given the circumstances of the plot which comes off as more of a superhero origin story than a coming of age teen drama. This at it's core is a movie about an orphaned girl who finds out that she has magic powers who is caught in a war between two factions of monsters. Despite that the first act of the film barely introduces us to Amber but instead gets wasted on her ex boyfriend and her friends who have absolutely no real bearing on the plot, are super annoying characters anyway and are just written off by mid movie in a manner that doesn't even involve her.  Basically it feels like someone wanted to push a Lifetime Network over dramatic female redemption movie so bad that the much better movie that the plot was hinting at was being held back. Basically if you've seen the movie "Blood Wars" this is that movie just with a female lead, less vampirism and more variety in it's filming location.

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