Saturday, February 15, 2020

Vampires Review: "Theresa & Allison"

The Gist: A fledgling vampire who was turned after a drunken one night stand is met by an estranged vampire couple who each separately take turns showing her the ropes while seducing her.

Female Vampire Factor: The fledgling vampire whose point of view the film is told from is Theresa (Arielle Hope).  One day she gets really drunk with her friend who then puts her in a cab to have her taken home.  Instead she ends up with a woman who takes her back to her home.  During sex the woman proceeds to take a chunk out of her neck.  Feeling somewhat sympathetic she turns Theresa.
From there a woman named Allison finds Theresa while at an office where she gets the rundown on vampirism at some sort of vampire initiation office. She approaches her and volunteers to teach her some things.
Theresa then tells Allison about what she's gone through during her turn and her struggles with her first five victims that eventually lead to the trip to the vampire office. Like most fledglings in films she had issues controlling her blood lust and was feeding on any female lost soul she'd meet on the streets.
 Eventually Theresa storms away from Allison once Allison reveals that she's not a lesbian as she doesn't want to be someones experiment.  This leads to her being approached by Tony,  Allisons ex boyfriend, who then attempts to teach her about reading minds and smelling people.  Then he murders a girl and she once against gets pissy about feeding on her and again runs away.  The rest of the film is Theresa running into more vampires trying to teach her things and her eventually ending up at a vampire feeding party that she also doesn't agree with being a part of and wants to save the humans trapped there.  Especially after encountering an especially evil vampiress named Paisley

Eventually she meets back up with (and sleeps with) Allison at the vampire party where she is also introduced to a vampiress named Miranda.  After seeing the massacre of humans at the party the two basically try to talk Theresa down from trying to either save the humans or killing herself.

Final Opinion: I liked the story.  If there is a such thing as a coming of age lesbian vampire story this would be it.  As far as vampirism itself outside of the films opening and final acts there isn't much of it so I'm going to give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  I'd prefer if it was vampires first and lesbians second but it's definitely a lesbian film that happens to have vampires in it.  Most of the main vampire characters in this film other than Theresa never actually do anything vampiric.

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