Saturday, December 7, 2019

Vampiress TV Review: "V Wars (season 1)"

The Gist: An arctic virus is unearthed which turns anyone exposed to vampires.  A doctor is then caught up in a war between government agencies and the victims of the plague

Female Vampire Factor:  Dr. Swann and his best friend Michael were both exposed at the same time while investigating the disappearance of a colleague.  Both became ill but only Michael turned.

It's later found that only people with a certain gene could turn into a vampire which explains why Dr. Swann recovered and Micheal didn't.  The first femme vamp of the series ends up being Dr. Swanns wife Jess who was exposed to both.  At the end of episode one she goes completely feral and attempts to attack her stepson.

note: None of the other female vampires of the series are feral.  It's pretty much spelled out that whether a vampire kills or not is based on personal preference and as long as they feed on some type of human blood once every 3 to 5 days they can live normally.

A party girl who was exposed to Micheal shortly after his perceived recovery.  Her first feed ended up being her own sister Mila. 

Her in vampire form is the stereotypical vampire vixen who uses sex in order to seduce victims into volunteering blood.  Once the vampires unionize she is eventually saved by the group from both the government and freelance vampire hunters who raid her home and reunits with Micheal where they get romantically involved.

Danika's estranged sister.  It's made clear in the beginning the two don't get along so once she's turned by Danika her hate for her sister just gets worse.  Laura Vandervoort who I've featured on this page MANY times is pretty much typecast as monsters now.  She's played vampires before but this is the first time I believe she's actually fanged out as a vampire on screen.  Her character is very anti-vampire and she spends her nights hunting them with the ultimate goal of getting to her sister.  Her character is barely a factor in season one though and is seemingly being built up for a major role if there is a second season. Because she's anti vampire she doesn't fang out much with the most significant one being when she accidentally exposes what she is to her then girlfriend who sneaks up on her to surprise her with flowers in the opening segment of the season 1 finale. 

A nineteen year old farm girl who was saved by Micheal when vampire hunters were coming after her family.  When the vampires unionized she takes a second in command position under Micheal.  Once Danika comes into the picture she gets jealous of his time with her and begins to go behind his back and sabotage any progress the vampires and humans have of living together in harmony which is something she does not want as she only sees humans as the people who killed her father and as food.

It's never explained how the young daughter of pro human vampire truce senator Giroux got exposed but she tries to play it off for awhile but when it gets too bad and finds out feeding on animals won't cut it she confesses to everyone and is treated without incident.

Final Opinion: I was a fan of the Fox show "The Passage" and was very disappointed when it wasn't given a second season.  This show has practically the same premise but The Passages lead female vampire is better than any of the ones presented on this show. If you're going for quantity over quality though this one is definitely the better of the two but the bulk of the vampirsm is in the shows first few episodes before they know what the problem is.  Once it's identified it becomes 95% politics and 5% vampirism.


  1. Also, very very disappointed the "fanging out" was all crappy CGI- that doesn't do it for me. Still nothing beats old fashioned dental prostheses imho.

  2. Wow gotta give you props this show just premiered