Saturday, December 7, 2019

Vampiress Review: "Vampire Dracula Comes to Kobe: Evil Makes a Woman Beautiful (吸血鬼ドラキュラ 神戸に現る)

The Gist: Dracula goes to Kobe Japan and falls for a woman who looks like his slain vampire bride.

Female Vampire Factor:  Our first taste comes in the form of a dream the main love interest of the film has that ends up bring a flashback to a previous life where she marrys Dracula just to be slain by vampire hunters.
From there in present day Kobe people are mysteriously dying.  What makes it even more mysterious is their bodies cannot be destroyed.  Eventually they all come back to life at the same time and march out of the morgue.
This results in more people being turned
Basically from there the vampires are just used as background characters for the wedding between Dracula and the woman he's infatuated with Eriko who are used to keep the films protagonist Mitsuo away from them.

Final Opinion: This is a made for TV film from 1979 so it's a bit cheesy.   I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  This story has been told what feels like a million times even by the point this film is made and nothing about this version really stands out from the others and it definitely doesn't compare to the Hammer Horror films that were still big during this time period. 

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