Saturday, December 7, 2019

Vampiress Review: "Dracula's Fiancee"

The Gist: Two hunters searching for Dracula encounter other monsters and a convent of nuns guarding them as the vampire count is collecting women to be his bride.

Female Vampire Factor:  There is only one female vampire in this film.  A red head woman who pretty much looks like every vampiress in a Jean Rollins film.
 Her role is basically to randomly exist and for T&A purposes as she's not very important to the plot.  Basically as the film gets uninteresting a scene will randomly pop up with her doing something kind of lesbianish. For example you have a scene where she bites an injured ogress.
Then one where she sucks the blood of a nun with her bare butt exposed.
and finally one where she has a blood drinking makout session with a werewolf.

Final Opinion:  If you've seen a Jean Rollins film before then you pretty much know what to expect as his vampire films are pretty much the same.  If I were going to suggest one to watch this would probably not be it though so I'll give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5. Gratuitous sexy vampire stuff is in the film but nowhere near the level as many of his past films.

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