Monday, January 21, 2019

Vampiress Review: "Wolvesbayne"
The Gist: A rich egotistical womanizing business man is attacked by a werewolf and finds himself in the middle of a wore between supernatural creatures he didn't know existed.

Clarification: Russell Bayne is a businessman who is trying to buy up a bunch of land to develop it into some type of project.  Problem is a small shop that sells occult things owned by a young lady named Alex Layton is in the way because she won't sell. 
One night Russell is driving down a backwoods road at night when a lady stops him for help as she wrecks her car swerving as she saw something in the road.  That something ends up being a werewolf who destroys the woman and mauls Russell. He wakes up a few days later in the hospital and after Russell realizes he's turning into a monster he goes back to the shop and accuses Alex of putting a curse on him. 
Once she realizes that he's a werewolf she reveals that she's one as well and volunteers to help him control it.  While all this is going down a group of vampires are after Russell who want him for their plot to no longer live in the shadows and in fear of humans and take over with the help of their resurrected queen Lilith.

Selling Point: This is one of those movies where the werewolves are hot too.  They don't necessarily turn all the way in some cases so just hairy hot girls with fangs at times.

Female Vampire Factor: The vampire queen Lilith is played by Yancy Butler
Lilith is a lot like Queen Akasha in Queen of the Damned.  Many of the vampires prefer their life of solitude meanwhile she just wants to take over and will kill anyone including other vampires who get in the way of that.
The main vampire of film "Von Griem" is where the female vampire factor in this film truly comes from.  Basically he has a stable of sexy female vampires that do all his dirty work.

It's a pretty decent film even if the ending is ridiculously cheesy.  This is a bigger deal once you realize that this is a SyFy Channel film considering the reputation those have.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  The film does have an open ending hinting there could be a sequel but obviously after 10 years it's not happening.

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