Friday, December 21, 2018

Vampiress Review: "Hemo"

The Gist: A couple who is addicted to drinking blood struggle with their relationship when they can no longer steel it from blood banks and must depend on murder.

Clarification: It's Troma so it's super low budget (don't expect to see very well in any scene that's dark or be able to hear at all in any scene that's outside).  On top of that it's a very bad attempt at being artistic.  In reality it's about two people who are really bad at being vampires whose issues stem more from just not being very smart. 
You see they aren't supernatural in any way so the idea that they're having a lack of blood seems a bit silly considering there is two of them (why wouldn't they just drink from each other?  The woman lets the guy feed from her once in the film, movie should have ended right there right?)
Then when they do have blood it goes practically everywhere but in their mouths (they literally poor it on themselves) then they have temper tantrums when they've run out.  This repetitive nonsense goes on for the bulk of the movie.   

Selling Point: There's some full frontal nudity in it.  That's the only thing I can think of.

Female Vampire Factor:  The vampiress in this film is Felicia (Pamela Price)
So reading between the lines Felicia was a hot crazy girl who used her hotness to get her easily influenced boyfriend Calvin to join in her crazyness.  In this case drinking blood.
As the movie goes along Calvin seems to have spurts of intelligent thought while Felicia goes further and further into being a loony psycho killer who hears voices and sees people who aren't there who tell her to do bad things. 
I can honestly say if the movie didn't try so hard to fill the hour and a half run time with meaningless plot stopping conversations and at least tried to have some structure instead of just doing stuff just for the sake of shock value and having something happen on screen, it wouldn't be that bad.  Felicias road to insanity is an intriguing story and really should have been the main plot instead of just a few clips in the last 10 minutes.

Because of the lack of structure in where the movie wanted to go, the character development really isn't there for the ending to be as powerful and emotional as they intended it to be.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 1 out of 5

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