Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Vampiress Review: "Lust of the Vampire Girls"


The Gist: A man in search of his girlfriend must save her from a doctor who is experimenting with women and turning them into vampires.

Clarification: Pretty cut and dry plot which suffers from the affliction of trying to make a tragic protagonist but forgetting to give him characteristics that make you feel sorry for him thus making him an unlikable jerk.   Basically guy is dating a woman, tells woman not to go out, she goes out anyway and gets kidnapped, he goes searching for her, while looking for her pretty much says screw her and goes after the first hot chick he finds.  Seriously that's how the hero functions. 

Selling Point:  The film does pay homage to the Jean Rollins film Lips of Blood by having nameless vampire women in see through outfits (minus bare breasts)

Female Vampire Factor: As the title states all the women in the film are vampires.  They were created with a serum that a German doctor created for immortality but the side effects were blood lust and fangs and it only worked on women.
For the most part you only see them in these church scenes hissing (a lot) but there is at least one scene in which they are shown to have the ability to speak and aren't feral.
The one exception being the protagonists girlfriend who once he finds her finds out that when she was given the serum it didn't quite work out for her and she was totally feral
Which as mentioned before would have been kind of sad had the protagonist actually had any likeable qualities which he doesn't so he pretty much yells at her, tells her he never loved her and kills her then immediately moves on with one of the vampire girls who pretty much is the true protagonist of the film as she's the only one with any positive personality traits.
Story and entertainment wise the movie isn't very good thanks to poor character development but as far as the women with fangs go it gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  That is definitely the one thing this film gets right.

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