Sunday, May 21, 2017

Vampiress Review: Stake Land 2

The Gist:  After his wife is killed by a vampire and the human cultists that worship her a young vampire hunter seeks out his mentor to help aid him in tracking the vampire down to kill her.

Clarification: So this is a direct sequel to the 2011 film that I very much enjoyed.  It is no more than just The Walking Dead but with vampires but if the formula works go with it and the way they do it does actually make for an intriguing story.  More so than the SyFy series "Van Helsing" which has a similar premise. 

With that being said, much like The Walking Dead, vampires are all background characters and are treated exactly like zombies so you aren't going to get any eye candy out of this.  I'll get that out the way now that Vampire Beauty Rating for this is 1 out of 5

Selling Point:  These two movies together would make decent seasons of a TV show and do have pretty good entertainment factor. 

Female Vampire Factor:  Only two worth mentioning.  The first is the main antagonist vampire who is a blonde with one eye.  She is responsible for killing the main protagonists family, ironically with an arrow that he shot meant for her.
The other (SPOILER ALERT) is the only female main character of the film.  A feral human named "lady" played by Laura Abramson.
 They find her and take her in and thanks to the fact that she was not raised by humans is very much like a puppy with her behavior.  When she ends up getting bit, the man who took care of her "Mister" hesitates to end her.  His hesitation pays off as even though she is a vampire she does not go after him instead attacking the members of the vampire worshiping cult hunting him and dying in the process. 
So if you liked the original you will like this one.  If you haven't seen either I do recommend them but be prepared as there is absolutely no sexy vampirism in this film as opposed to the first which has one slightly enjoyable female vamp.

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