Saturday, May 27, 2017

Vampiress Review: "Deeply Bitten"

The Gist: A man approaches a young vampire girl at a nightclub and they have a night of passionate sex

Clarification: This is a two part scene from Verso Cinema.  Part 1 is the the man and the girl meeting and having sex.  He leaves when he feels his life is in danger.  In part 2 the guy comes back and is held captive by the vampires.  Again this ends in sex.

Female Vampire Factor: The vampire in the film is played by Spanish adult film actress Ena Sweet. 
It's a decent film, not much to it.  If you're a fang fetishist you'll probably enjoy it but storyline wise it's just a basic porn with a short buildup. Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of  5.

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