Sunday, April 9, 2017

Vampiress Review: "The Inner Circle"

The Gist: Three agents on a mission to retrieve a mysterious briefcase have a run in with a vampire.  In order to even the odds they get turned as well.

Clarification:  So this is a very low budget film (we're talking camcorder footage) that takes a bit of time to get going.  If you can ignore poorly done motion sickness educing fighting scenes and the extreme annoyance of the chief being a close up of someones lips it's actually not terrible.  The bulk of it is pretty much them talking about their powers.

Logically speaking it's pretty dumb.  The whole "being vampires sounds like a great idea" concept is pretty off the wall and half way through the film they do a "hey don't vampire need to drink blood" moment where they all get hungry.  Don't expect much out of that (or anything here) though as several Deus ex machina moments easily fix every issue they have.  This includes basically getting vampire takeout so don't expect any blood lust here or negative vampire side effects at any point during the movie.

Female Vampire Factor:  Every female in the film is a vampire at some point so that is an easy one.  The main females in the film are Vandra (Danielle Maynard) who is the first turned
Then the second female of the group is Ivana (Cynthia Renae)
Later in the film the main villain is revealed to have women as his vampire body guards which leads to some more of those "way too much camera movement" fighting scenes.

If you expect some type of pay off to the film you can forget that.  Basically this takes the format of more of a movie style pilot of a TV show.  By the films end the "good guys" come together and create a group of crime fighting vampires that they name "The inner circle" (get it) while the bad guy gets away.  As mentioned, not terrible outside of the cinematography and overly convenient plot forwarding. I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.

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