Saturday, August 15, 2015

Vampiress Review: "Let Me In"

The Gist: A young boy who's an outcast at school befriends what he believes to be a poor young girl but is in actuality a decades old vampire stuck in the age she was turned.

Clarification: So you got Owen the kid who gets picked on a lot in school and he meets a dirty homeless looking girl named Abby at the playground of his apartment complex.  They bond over being outcasts and become very close.  Eventually Owen starts to fall for Abby and Abby becomes a bit of a protector for Owen as she trusts him enough to let him know her secret.  This then leads to a big reveal toward the films end about the identity of Abby's "father" in the film and what the future holds for Owens relationship with her.

Selling Point: It is a very compelling story though I wouldn't call it much of a horror film. She is a monster but the movie makes you feel sorry for her more than fear her much like the character Owen does (at least until the end).

Female Vampire FactorVampire Beauty Rating of 1 out of 5.  Chloe Grace Moritz as a dirty orphan girl  (or Lina Leandersson if you watch the original Swedish movie this was based off of "Let the Right One In") is more a tragic character in this case which is the total opposite of the hot teenage vampires that are pretty much a regular thing on TV now.
Fact is in this film she's either an un assuming little girl or a really gross looking monster much like her role in Dark Shadows.  She's become a staple of horror films so there's still a chance that eventually we'll get a more grown up version of vampire Chloe one day.

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