Saturday, August 15, 2015

League of Extrordinary Gentleman to be rebooted

The film League of Extrordinary Gentleman will be getting a modern reboot 20th Century Fox has confirmed.  The only real details that have come out about the film is that it will be "female centric" which would be a major switch from the original where the only female character was vampire Mina Murray played by Pita Wilson (above).  As soon as there is an announcement regarding whether Mina returns I will update. 

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  1. If it matches the original comic (which for reasons separate from this would be nice), Mina is not a vampire, though she constantly wears a scarf to hide the scars that Dracula created, being a messier eater than the usual two-neat-holes vampire.

    She's also the team leader. ("Butbutbut Sean Connery! And movies the female leads never make any money!" Riiiiight.)