Sunday, April 19, 2015

Vampiress Review: "Bloody Tease"

The Gist: A group of friends decide to check out the brand new strip club in town unbeknownst to them it is run by a group of vampires who use it to lure in victims. 

Clarification: So if this story sounds familiar it's because it's been done about a million times before especially in low budget "B" movies like this.  While it's not the worst of them it's still pretty bad. Luckily it's a watchable bad as the corniness of the film is slightly entertaining if you're attracted to that kind of film (IE you were the type to watch USA Up All Night level or local TV ghoul host type cheesy movies.) 

The first thing you will notice about the film is that it's extremely low budget.  I'm talking the film has 3 locations, an apartment, the outside of some type of warehouse and the inside of the warehouse which is made to somewhat resemble a strip club by way of decorations that look like they were stolen from a high school home coming celebration which is OK since they don't actually strip anyway. 

The second thing that you will notice is it does suffer from that low budget film cliche of just trying way too hard by adding film cliche after film cliche.  You've got three vampire strippers, they don't need any reason as to why they're doing what they're doing other than they're three vampire strippers yet for whatever reason every murder they commit outside the main plot has some type of justification to it.  A good example is the below scene where the worst vampire hunter in the world admits to stalking the women for years without doing a thing when he was supposed to be avenging his brother and when he finally gets the opportunity acts like he has absolutely no clue how to handle vampires.  By the way just so you know he's a vampire hunter he's wearing a long leather coat and a hat when you first see him. 

Selling Point:  The third thing you will notice about the film which is a positive is that all three of the vampires have different styles of fangs from each other though it's a much more radical difference then we saw in Dracula 2000 who also had different fangs for each female turned.  Oh yeah and they're hot.

 Female Vampire Factor: Well as mentioned there are 3 and there is a lot of biting scenes though they tend to resort to "B" movie gore more times than not.

The blonde "Serena" (Monika Wild - Bottom video above) is the biggest monster of the crew often being the one doing the killing.  "Treasure" (Elina Madison) is the leader,  there is a sub plot of her falling for one of the lead guys but the whole "your friends are killing my friends in my apartment" thing gets in the way of any relationship between the two. The third girl "Monique" (Allison Beal - Top Video above) is just kind of there to growl a lot. 

So in the end you have an over thought, poorly acted film about strippers who don't strip but hot women with fangs and logicless sub plots. I give the film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  For a better attempt I would recommend pretty much any Fred Olen Ray film (yep this is that bad) but especially "Twilight Vamps".

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