Saturday, March 15, 2014

Vampiress Review: "Crimson"

The Gist:  A group of nursing students find themselves the target of a vampire after helping out a wounded young women who was her mortal enemy.

Clarification: So you have a film with an all female cast about a female vampire who is creating other female vampires.  All the women in the cast are hot so you can't go wrong right?  WRONG.  Sadly this movie is a miss big time which is a shame because I love what the plot was at least supposed to be.  Problem #1 is they spend WAY too much time on sub plots that have no bearing on the story whatsoever.  One of the girls has an addiction to pills and another is an alcoholic and the alcoholic doesn't like the pill popper.  Not only does neither of these issue ever come into play or effect them when its "run for their life" time but the pill addict who spends a good half hour in the beginning of the movie down and out and supposedly going through withdrawal symptoms seems to be instantly heeled with no repercussions when all the scary stuff happens.  Basically this was a half an hour of character building that wasn't needed and came down to being downright annoying (mostly due to the combination of bad scripting and horrible acting).

The second issue is the lead vampire was just downright lazy.  Had the girls had even some common sense they would have been safe because actually using her vampire abilities seemed to be the last thing on her "things to do list".  The idea that only a hand full of people made this film means it does deserve some credit as presentation wise at least it doesn't look majorly low budget despite it being that but its entertainment value is that of a really long "evilwomenmovies" short film. 

Selling Point:  All female cast (aside from one of the producers relatives playing a drug dealer for 2 seconds of a scene)

Female Vampire Factor:  (SPOILER ALERT) Technically all the females in the film get turned but the film is so horribly lit that you can't see much.  Combine that with the fact that the girls who do get turned have very cheap looking piranha style fangs.
The only exception to this is the lead vampire Rachel played by the super hot Erika Smith (The Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing).  She gets the standard fangs but you only can see them clearly toward the end of the film.
So you have a plot that could work that is pretty much killed by bad acting and the films awkward need to concentrate on sub plots that have no bearing on the story than the actual premise of the movie.  This film gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.

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