Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vampiress in Advertising

Female Vampires have more than one use.  You can use them to sell stuff too.  Here are some examples of companies using fanged females to shill their products.

Aero the Acrobat Video Game Commercial
1990's commercial for a video game starring a bat featuring a sexy female vampire stating the catch phrase "Bite Me".

Kellogg's Nutri Grain Fruit Crunch Bar Vampire Commercial 2013  

For Love & Lemons Catalog (Model: Anna Selezneva)

Fund Raiser ad for the movie "Blood Drive"

Gillette Sport body spray

PSA for Energy Saving - "Energy Vampire"
 Energy Vampire is a term for someone who wastes energy.  This PSA takes the term quite literally where a guys new girlfriend happens to be a real one.  Fangs and all.

Playboy - "Vampire Halloween Heart Health"
In this ad from Playboy, 2012 Playmate of the Year Jaclyn Swedberg is a friendly vampire giving us tips on how to keep our hearts healthy and prevent heart disease this Halloween.  At least I'm pretty sure that's what's going on because honestly all I see is a half naked women with fangs.

AT&T U-Verse - "Vampire"
In a play of "True Blood" this ad for U-Verse TV features a guy telling a female vampire from his favorite TV show that he's breaking up with her as he's dropping cable.  She convinces him to switch to U-Verse so they can be together forever. 

FearNet - "Succubus"
Natalie Denise Sperl (Succubus: Hell Bent) stars as a fanged beauty who sprouts a pair of bat wings and flys away.

Sexy Cologne - "Sexy Vampire"
The Korean Pop group Super Junior encounter a beautiful female vampire in this Asian commercial

Audi - "Vampire Party"
In this commercial a guy drives his Audi to a vampire get together where the headlights of the vehicle vaporize everyone (whoops)

Diesel Jeans
In this ad starring Mishel Prada, what seems to be a couple in the heat of passion end up revealing themselves as a female vampire on the hunt and a vampire hunter doing the same.  Unfortunately the hunter wins out.

Axe Body Spray
A young man and a girl are getting hot and heavy in the bedroom but before things get too hot the woman reveals herself to be a vampire.  Instead of biting him on the neck, she goes after the armpit.

Ray Ban Sunglasses
A group of young people are hanging out outside of a building waiting for dawn when one of their friends strolls up.  The group all begin putting on their sunglasses when the latecomer realizes he's forgotten his. As the sun comes up he turns to ash.  The rest of the group with fangs blaring mock the guy for forgetting his glasses.

Snickers - "Wild Bite"
In this Asian commercial for snickers a vampire on the hunt at a party goes for a woman's neck but across the room sees a Snickers bar which for whatever reason seams more appetizing to him. As the commercial ends the woman who was to be the victim turns the tables on the vamp.

Bud Light - "Nice Costume"
A Goofy guy in a vampire costume sees a sexy red head across the room dressed as a vampiress. He tries (miserably) to make small talk with her but lucky for him talking is the last thing she wants to do.  She takes him out to the woods where no one can see, fangs out and bites him on the neck revealing herself to have been a real vampire the whole time who's only at the party to find victims.  

A Print ad for shoes in which a female vampire looks to be trying to take a bite out of a young man.

www.GotFangs?.com - "Got Fangs"
LeeAnne Vamp stars as a sexy vampire who attacks a guy who was just minding his own business drinking milk and watching Fright Night.

Vampire-con 2009
In the first ad "Transcendental" a female who looks to be meditating reveals herself to be a vampire.  In the second ad "Skin Deep"  a woman removes her makeup to show her pale undead skin and reveals her fangs.

Mistine Double Powder
A group of guys go in search of a group of sexy female vampires.  When they trap the ladies at their home it looks like the girls turn the tide on them until a painting falls off the wall revealing the sun rising which burns all the vamps but one who is protected from the sun after using the makeup which includes sunscreen.

 Karen Walker Spring 2009 eye wear catalog

Pop Chips
Print ads featuring a fanged Katy Perry

Chaingang LA
Print ad for a necklace featuring a fanged Hayden Panettiere

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