Saturday, July 15, 2023

Vampiress "After Dark" Review: Emmanuelle Through Time - Sexy Bite

The Gist: Emmanuelle along with the crew of her live stream blimp end up traveling to an alternate dimention where vampires are real.  

Clarification: In the 2000's the Emmanuelle series went from being overly romanticized softcore porn generally aimed at a female audience about a woman with an accent going to exotic places and screwing to basically whatever weird thing they could come up with since I guess she's screwed every human.  Like a naked Carmen Sandiego she'd go to different countries, then space and in this incarnation, she becomes a time traveler though in this particular film she also becomes a universe jumper.  That's right, Emmanuelle discovered the Multiverse 20+ years ago. Emmanuelle like James Bond is played by a different female every series and in this version she's played by Allie Haze in what I believe is her first role in anything. 

Imagine if they ever did one where all the different Emmanuelle's came together?   Anyway this film pretty much comes off as more of a parody of the vampire craze that had taken over media at the time as it had a ton of references to things like Twilight and Vampire Diaries.  It's definitely not meant to be taken seriously at all and can be categorized as an adult comedy. 

Female Vampire Factor:  There is technically 3.  I say technically because one of them just appears in one scene and is completely forgetton about as soon as she walks away. 

Then there is one that only exists outside the bar the crew of the Emmanuelle blimp goes to whose only appearance is in blue tint. 

And finally the female maker of the main vampires of the film who happens to look exactly like Emmanuelle thus even though she doesn't get turned we do get to see main actress Allie Haze with fangs. 

Final Thoughts:  Definitely not something you'd watch for the plot and the sex scenes aren't much to write home about as well.  Surprisingly the comedy is probably the best thing in it, specifically the character Renee.

She is one of the hosts of Emmanuelles TV network and her character is ditsy reminiscent of Chrissy from Three's Company.  The running joke with her is that as everyone else is afraid of the vampires, she is just horny and thinks being eaten is a sex reference when they warn her about it. 

I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  Not a must watch but isn't the worst thing in the world.  Unfortunately, from a female vampire standpoint it's a bunch of blink and you'll miss it moments. 

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