Friday, June 9, 2023

Vampiress Anime Review: Todd McFarlanes Spawn

Hunter's Moon

Season 3

Episode 4

Todd McFarlane's Spawn was an adult animated series which aired on the HBO premium cable network from 1997-1999 based on the comic book series of the same name.  The series followed a man who after death was resurrected as a demon type superhero who collected souls while struggling with memories of his old human life. 

In this episode a girl named Lilly shows up in town who seems on the service to be a sweet and innocent girl. 

but by the episodes end we find out that not only is she not a sweet an innocent girl but she is in fact a vampire sent to kill Spawn in an effort to repent for her own deeds from when she was alive. 

Spawn eventually ends up killing her by exposing her to sunlight during a fight. Unfortunately, this would be her one and only appearance.  She would definitely be a character I would like to see more of.  Being that she was one and done we don't even get a decent cosplay community for her but at least with the help of AI we can at least draw up what it would look like. 

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