Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Vampiress Review: "Dead & Beautiful"

The Gist:  After a night in an area inhabited by an ancient tribe a group of young socialites wake up as vampires with some having an easier time of adjusting than others. 

Female Vampire Factor: The group consists of two women Anastasia (Left) and Lulu (Right)

Final Opinion: The bulk of the film consists of the group basically standing around trying to figure out exactly what the rules of being a vampire are.  Outside of the fangs (which are not retractable and always out) nothing else really vampiric naturally comes to them including bloodlust which they just drink out of curiosity. 
Because of this they kind of go about the vampire lifestyle because they feel they need to and not because any driving force is making them.  Almost like it's just an experimental lifestyle as they just add blood drinking to the partying lifestyle they had before. 

As the film progresses the guys of the group begin to lose control and give in to their bloodlust.  Actually, reality is they come off as jerks anyway so being vampires seems fun to them so not sure if it's really the bloodlust or just them getting a kick out of scaring women. Either way all the vampiric horror stuff comes from the guys in the film with the girls pretty much avoiding it (which is eventually explained why later in the film). 
The only on screen bite from a female comes in the literal last scene when Lulu goes in for a bite on the guy in the group who was apparently stringing her along the entire time. 

I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  The fact that their fangs are always out makes it a bit of a selling point if you're into female vampires but that's pretty much the only thing.  It's a very good suspenseful drama otherwise. Just not a great vampire movie. 

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  1. It was an interesting movie, unfortunately not a true vampire movie as none of them were ever vampires..

    As later in the film you see a sequence, where Lulu has her unconscious friends, surgically and dentally altered to make them look like vampires..

    The ending is the interesting bit, where you see Lulu attack and bite her boyfriend.. Making one wonder is she taking the role too far, or is she really a real vampire..