Saturday, December 4, 2021

Vampiress Review: Blood Fest

The Gist: A group of horror fans get more than they bargain for when the exhibits at the horror festival they attend end up being real with the guests being the intended victims. 

Female Vampire Factor: In a similar manor as the film Waxwork the films protagonists go from location to location in an enclosed area set aside for a horror festival and each location has a theme loosely based on a real world horror movie (with slight changes to avoid legal action I'm sure). 

In one of the area's the virgin of the group Krill (Jacob Batalon) ends up in a camp ground with a number of attractive women seducing campers. 

In what seems to be an homage to the werewolf scene in the film Trick R Treat the women eventually fang out revealing themselves to being vampires and kill the campers.
One in particular sets her sight on Krill but being that horror movie rules has the virgin always live she let's him go after witnessing how innocent he was.  He leaves being completely oblivious that everyone else there was killed during the conversation or that she was a vampire as he was just happy a hot girl was talking to him. 
Later in the film he looses his virginity to one of the other members of their surviving group.  As they are about to escape the vampire that let Krill go corners the group at the exit.  He (still oblivious to the situation) tells the rest of the group she's cool.   She explains that she feels drawn to him and how innocent he is.  He stupidly admits to her he's no longer a virgin and well.  You can figure out what happens from there. 
The last remaining survivors stake her through the heart and pin her to a truck avenging their fallen friend.

Final Opinion: This was a great comedy/horror flick.  Much more horror than comedy (the humor is scuttle and very dark IE early Nightmare on Elm Street).  The films story has a much deeper commentary on society as a whole and the lengths people with an agenda will go to in order to make a point once the final twist of why all of that is happening is revealed which made it all the better.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.  -1 point for not being a full on vampire film but the parts that were was perfect.  

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