Monday, August 16, 2021

Vampiress Review: "Witchcraft 7: Judgement Hour"

The Gist: A couple of cops are put on a case when a young girl dies of mysterious circumstances at a party that ends up being the work of a vampire. 

Female Vampire Factor:  The film starts with a vampire biting a girl name Rachel (Ashley Rhey) after sex.  

Her friend finds her and calls an ambulance where she's rushed to the hospital and is eventually pronounced dead.  She doesn't stay that way as while the main detectives are looking her over she wakes up, manhandles both and runs off. 

She ends up running down a street in her hospital gown and passes a guy.  They end up having sex in the bushes which is where she fangs out and bites him. 

The detectives happen to drive past seeing this and went after her.  Once again she makes short work of them until Will Spanner (the main character of the series up to this point) puts a tree branch in her heart killing her. 

The next female vampire we see is Will's wife Kelly.  Throughout the film she's pretty moody, nagging Will one second and screwing him the next. 

One night while Will is on the phone with one of the detectives the vampire flies into his room and bites Kelly.

Will eventually gets back in bed with her which is when the vampire takes control of her telepathically.  She then flips out, scratching his chest and licking the blood off of him.
When he sees she's fanging out he punches her out then ties her up. 
The movie ends with the vampire after being staked by Will going back to Kelly and asking her to take the stake out.  She instead pushes it further in killing him.

Final Opinion: Despite this film being labeled "The Final Chapter" it absolutely wasn't and also wasn't the last of the Witchcraft series that dealt with vampires.  This one is pretty cheesy with especially cheap looking effects well beyond the rubber fangs.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5 as at least the sex scenes are decent.  Witchcraft X was a much better vampire film in the series which I reviewed HERE

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