Thursday, August 5, 2021

Vampiress Review: "Vinopiri: Ledena Trgatev" (Winepires: Ice Harvest)

The Gist: Local authorities are placed on a case in which drunks are being found dead at night drained of blood which ends up being the work of vampires who must consume blood deluded by alcohol. 

Female Vampire Factor:  The first victim was a young girl named Mija.  She had gotten drunk one night after her boyfriend dumped her and her best friend Teja took her out to help her forget him.

  When Teja leaves her to use the bathroom she comes back to find Mija dead and drained of blood. 

Of course being a vampire film she proceeds to come back fangs and all (once vampires are turned here they always look like vampires) and cruises bars for victims. This only after feeding and turning the coroner who seemingly tried to molest her corpse off screen and murdering the guy who dumped her and decapitating the girl he left her for. 

Eventually she goes back to visit Teja with the classic outside the window "let me in, I'm just a cold damsel in distress" vampire scene.

 Obviously it was a successful reunion as the next time we see Teja she's also a Winepire and haunting one of the male police officers in his thoughts and hypnotizing him. 

In the films finale the female protagonist cop Nina tracks down the head vampire and it just so happens that he has his eye romantically on her (he haunts her similar to the way Teja haunts her partner/lover to the point she starts playing with herself in a scene before snapping out of it).  She doesn't fall for it like he did and ends up killing the master vampire but not before being bit by Mija (who Nina then kills).

At the end of the film you see Nina as well as the female bartender at the establishment the police were hanging out at before the battle have been turned and are planning on embracing their new gift together.

Final Opinion: This is a Slovanian film which is a sequel to another film which explains how the winepires came to be (winemakers using a wine/blood mixture to take control of people). I can't give the film more than a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  The concept is very good but the execution of the film concentrates too much on the dysfunctional lives of the cops on the case so the actual vampire stuff is really in the background.  In other words you spend way more time learning about how hostile Nina is with everyone she knows than anything about the vampires.  Had the movie been centered around the vampirism it would have been an easy 4 or 5.  

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