Sunday, July 25, 2021

Vampiress Review: "Vinopiri: Krvni davek" (Winepires: Blood Tool)


The Gist:  When her girlfriend goes missing and members of her family are found dead a woman goes on to investigate whats going on just to find out her town has been overtaken by a vampire who is controlling everyone with wine diluted with her blood. 

Female Vampire Factor:  The main antagonist of the film is the vampiress Ana (Rebeka Kopcic)

She really doesn't have that much to do with most of the movie until the reveal that she's been spreading her vampire blood around and controlling the wine makers of the town.  Other than that her on screen time is basically flirting with a guy named Kristjan and using him as her own personal sex toy and blood bag. 

She is the only female vampire in the film that shows fangs.  The other two assumed vampires in the film include a female wine maker named Nastja (Natasa Baveb)

and finally the movies main protagonist Eva (Tea Melin) who seems to foil our vampire villainous by dating her for a few years before poisoning her and killing her.  It's hinted that she has been turned by Ana when Ana offers to bring an Italian guy to feed on during this scene.

Final Opinion: The film is pretty decent until that stinker of a rushed ending. It's not that the concept of Eva swerving Ana is a bad one but how it's executed was just terrible.  You get a pretty well done would be finale of Eva infiltrating a ceremony where the vampires were going to sacrifice her girlfriend  and Ana sending her minions after her with Eva taking them all out but then all of a sudden Ana asks for a truce and you get the above scene of the two on vacation.  If the film was going to end that way then honestly the Krisjan character shouldn't have been in it (whose relationship with Ana takes up a good portion of the film) and the movie should have had the Eva/Ana relationship play out on screen where Eva embraces her vampirism while continuing to plan her revenge on Ana for killing her family and friends.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  It's a good film overall otherwise but the ending definitely takes you out of it. 


  1. interestingly, there was a sequel once posted online which had a lot more fangs in it. In fact I think by the end of the movie just about every female character including the female cop hero gets turned and flashes fangs at one point or another.

  2. this looks like it's the one...