Saturday, July 17, 2021

Vampiress Review: "The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2"



The Gist: Now back in their home town of Atlanta, Carl Black has to deal with his new neighbor who is a vampire that has eyes for his wife Lorena. 


Female Vampire Factor:  The vampire next door "Dr. Mamuwalde" (Kat Williams) is a pimp who lives with two vampire hoes who are pretty much half naked the entire film and the only ones who do any actual biting on screen.

Even with this being the case Dr. Mamuwalde spends the film lusting after the wife of Carl Black, Lorena (Zulay Heneo).  

By the films end he does capture and turn her (which is not done on camera). When Carl goes to the Dr.'s house to rescue her she already has fangs and tells him she had dreams of biting him leading to a scene where he just makes references to her, comparing her to celebrities with bad teeth. 

For the remainder of the film until the Dr. is destroyed she basically is walking around fangs out and in lingerie.

Final Opinion: I don't think anyone ever asked for an urban parody of the original Fright Night.  Especially now with the film being nearly 30 years old but we have one and it does a pretty good job.  The humor in the film is very politically incorrect and as shown women in the film are just T&A so this movie would have done well in the 90's when that sort of thing was in style.  I give it a Vampire Beauty rating of 4 out of 5.  The only thing that keeps it from a five was the lack of Lorena doing anything vampiric.  One scene of her having to fight blood lust like Amy in Fright Night and this film would have been perfect.

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