Saturday, March 6, 2021

Vampiress Review: "Blood From Stone"

The Gist:  A female vampire tries to live a normal life while struggling with trying to keep her vampiric side at bay as well as her unstable maker sabotaging her .


Female Vampire Factor: Your main femme vamp in this film is Darya aka Nico (Gabriella Toth)

She generally leads a very normal life.  She has a night job at a bar and friends.  Problem is the guy who turned her (Jure aka Joe) is a head case with an addiction to cocaine and alcohol diluted blood and constantly gets into trouble and gets her involved in his mess no matter how much she tells him she wants nothing to do with him or that life. 

Thing is Nico wants a love life.  Problem is since she's a vampire anyone who gets close to her will notice considering she's cold to the touch.  This is one of the few films that actually addresses the concept that vampires are walking corpses.  She keeps heat packs with her and makeup when she knows she's going to get intimate with someone. 

As the film goes on her urges get worse as she gets closer with people resulting in her wanting blood from the tap and not from a bag.  The first time it happens is after she meets a guy at her bar and ends up losing control during orgasm and drains him.

Luckily for Niko the entire movie Joe is pretty much murdering and draining anyone he comes across and not being careful about it so when the cops come and question her about the murder of the guy she screwed the night before they just assume it was Joe who killed the guy in a jealous rage for him sleeping with her. 

One night while picking up some blood from one of her connections at a local hospital she meets a doctor who she falls for.  Framing Joe for all the vampire killings works out as she decides in order to keep from accidentally feeding on her new love she'll basically feed on others before she meets up with him which does work.

Unfortunately for her him being a doctor results in him becoming very concerned with her low pulse and clammy skin and wants to check her out.  He secretly takes samples from her and has them checked revealing to him that she is super old.  Instead of being frightened he's been screwing a vampire he confronts her with how what she is could help people.

As soon as she tells him she loves him too much to turn him or wish her curse on anyone Joe shows up and bites the doctor but doesn't drain him then apologizes to Niko for how he is and explains how he did it for her because he knew she wouldn't and that hopefully one day she'll think better of him.  Niko instead of turning him takes her boyfriend to the ER but not before tasting and enjoying some of his blood herself.

There is a second female vampire in the film Viktoria (Nika Khitrova).  

Nico calls her in Europe to come to Nevada and help her with the Joe situation midway through the film.  She ends up talking Joe into going back to Europe with her but Joe only agrees if Viktoria goes hunting with him.  They end up killing and draining all the patrons in some random desert bar.


Final Opinion: This is a fantastic vampire film.  The whole thing revolves around the idea that no matter how hard a vampire wants to be a regular person they don't control the vampire side.  One of my major pet peeves in vampire media is when they're just portrayed as regular people that just occasionally drink blood when they feel like it and can lead perfectly normal lives. Nico drinks from blood bags the entire movie and is always stocked but it doesn't matter because if she's within biting distance of a neck that urge is trying to push it's way through. 

This film reminds me a lot of a very sexually toned down Kiss of the Damned.  As far as a Vampire Beauty Rating I give it a 3 out of 5.  Nico doesn't fang out often and out of the three bite scenes she has, only the one sex scene above do you actually see her fangs (the other two are from far distances).  Same for Viktoria.  Basically all the graphic vamprism other than Nico's above sex bite is Joe feeding which he does a lot. With that in mind remember this is also a 2 hour movie.  Definitely recommended otherwise.

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