Monday, March 29, 2021

Vampiress Review: "Bikini Vampire Babes"


The Gist: A vampiress creates a fledgling for herself and sets their sites on a bikini contest in Las Vegas all while trying to avoid the fledglings ex and a vampire hunter.

Female Vampire Factor: The film revolves around a main vampire Lizette

After a fight with a guy over treatment she ends up biting his girlfriend Bree, turning her into a vampire which she doesn't necessarily get right away as Bree isn't that smart. 

Lizette ends up going to Bree's day job at a fast food restaurant and convincing her to go to Vegas with her to take part in a bikini contest (and yes, her work uniform is a black bikini and a hat). 

The only real vampiric stuff to happen after that is when the girls car breaks down and they're taken in by a couple.  Bree's ex tracks her down to their house where she ends up biting him as well as the guy of the house.

She doesn't last long after that as Bree does end up dying out of nowhere by stepping into the sun without sunblock (the vampire hunter replaced her sunblock).

Lizette recovers from Brees death very quickly as she ends up taking the vampire hunter and biting her turning her.

The film ends with the couple getting memory wiped by Lizette. Her and the vampire hunter now a bikini vampire herself then drive off to Vegas all the while the boyfriend of Bree is then shown flashing his fangs showing that he too had been turned when Bree bit him.

Final Opinion:  Not much of a vampire film so I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  It is very much a throwback to the old USA up all night "girls in bikini's do regular stuff" genre that used to dominate the 1990's late night basic cable scene.  Those types of films don't translate too well in modern times since a bikini is nowhere near as provocative as it once was prior to the mass availability of internet adult media.  If you're looking for some cheap T&A the girls are in bikini's the whole film but otherwise the vampire stuff is more of a "matter of fact" thing than the main premise.

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