Sunday, February 21, 2021

Vampiress Review: "Vampire Virus"


The Gist: A girl seeks out her one night stand as she wakes up the next day in an ally with a virus that's turning her into a vampire.

Female Vampire Factor: The film starts by showing us a nurse named Isabella at some sort of facility on her way to do something.  She hears the cries of a woman locked up in the facility who then asks her to take away the pain.  As Isabella opens up the womans cell she's bitten by her.  As security comes in to contain Isabella she escapes. 

Fast forward to someplace else and a girl named Jennifer is out with her friends and getting ragged on for being single.  She agrees to go out to the club with them to help find her a man.  Instead of finding a man though she runs into Isabella who is now in sexy seductress mode.  

Jennifer accidentally cuts herself on a glass and Isabella offers to dress her wound back at her place which is a shady location in a back ally.  Jennifer at this point learns that she's bi-curious and goes back with her and Isabel pulls the old lesbian vampire get in between her legs then bite her trick. 

Jennifer wakes up in the ally with a fully recovered hand but a nasty infection on her abdomen.   Instead of going to the hospital she goes back to her place and tries to shower it away I guess?  

When she gets out of the shower she notices she no longer has a reflection. She attempts to fix that by wiping the mirror harder (thinking that would bring her reflection back maybe?) but instead breaks the mirror.  Her roommate comes to check the noise and cuts himself on the glass shards.  Though it's hinted, no real vampirism happens and the roommate insists she sees a doctor and takes her.  While at the office she sees that the police are looking for Isabella for spreading a virus so she runs out of the office with her roommate and goes back to the back ally hideout.  Once there she sees Isabella and another hot vampire woman feeding on a male vampire.

Jennifer wants to know what's happening to her (because she's not a genius obviously).  Izabella tells her she's one of them now and if she wants that infection to go away she must feed.  Jennifer freaks out and leaves the lair just to find her roommate being attacked by some homophobes.  This results in her fanging out and killing both attackers. 

She takes her roommate back to his boyfriends house and not a hospital (again, she's not a genius).  Izabella then shows up and tells her he's going to die but she can save him as long as she does something for her. 

They take him back to Izabella's lair and Izabella informs Jennifer that she will turn her roommate in exchange for her becoming her new vampire recruiter.  Since the police know her face she can't get into nightclubs anymore to turn people.  Jennifer agrees and Izabella and the nameless hot asian vampiress mount Jennifers roommate to prepare to bite and turn him.  Funny moment when the very gay roommate Jack looks up at the two super sexy women on top of him and asks "Am I in hell?"

Jacks cop boyfriend Freddie goes to the nightclub Izabellla frequented looking for Jennifer.  After having to trade clothes with someone to get in he finds her in super slutty mode seducing people. 

Freddie informs Jennifer that the cops followed her and know exactly where the vampire lair is and are on their way there to kill all of them including Jack so they take off back to the lair.  The cops have basically came in and killed all the vampires but Jack who was hiding.  As Jack attempts to escape he is shot in the abdomen.  When the head cop corners Jack, Freddie tries to back him off.  Jack offers to turn Freddie and bites him and when the cop goes to kill them both Jennifer shows up and bites the cop. 

The film ends with Jennifer picking up some random girl as an uber driver and biting her. 


Final Opinion: I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.  My only real complaint is that the majority of the film is filmed in that dark red and blue lighting, especially during scenes where vampirism is involved which made seeing it more difficult than it needed to be.  Otherwise Isabella was a near perfect seductive female vampire antagonist. 

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  1. Definitely one of the better films released recently. It's been a quiet few years, and this one came close to checking all the boxes for me.